"Now That You're Awake"

In the wake of Charlottesville, we got together with Bob Roarty and Megan Leach at Atlanta Vintage Books to talk about what to read as we're processing this weekend's events.

If you're looking for history, hope, or ideas to carry forward, we hope this episode offers you something helpful. There are a few expletives, so be careful playing it at work or around kids.

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March by John Lewis
The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois
The Better Angels of Our Nature by Stephen Pinker
What Are People For? by Wendell Berry
Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit
Resistance by Barry Lopez
The Beast Reawakens by Martin A. Lee
The Rise of Fascism by F.L. Carsten
Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The 21st Century Challenge to White America by Joseph Barndt
Speak Now Against the Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South by John Egerton
Love and Revolution: A Political Memoir: People's History of the Greensboro Massacre, Its Setting and Aftermath by Signe Waller
We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For by Alice Walker